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Advantages of a premium account:
* No banners being displayed (Higher premium package coming soon).
* Guaranteed account support.
* Hacking protection (should your account ever be hacked).
* Faster Ambroid experience within the game.
* Future installments for premium members only.
* Free-land made easier with 1 click.
* Make and use your own custom unit.
* View Alliance transactions in the bank.
* Get 15 loyalty points per invite.
* You will be shown as a premium account holder in game (if you choose to).
* Send and receive more units of aid (if you are using a high % of custom units).
* View more than 7 days worth of news in either squad or alliance news.
* Guaranteed 100 days premium time, even after a season ends.

Upgrade to a premium membership:
Ingame Username:
We Accept:
Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Direct Debit
Membership Cost: (100 days)

10 day no quibble money back guarantee.
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